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  • Beige waxed skin

Beige waxed skin

Thickness: 1.0-1.2mm, 1.1-1.3mm, 1.2-1.4mm, < br > 0.05 Opening width: about 14-16sf < br > on the open side Grade: A / B / BC < br > 0 Color: color can be customized on demand

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The waxed skin is made of imported milk calf skin from France and Holland. It is processed by environmental protection and ecological chemical raw materials. Without any subsequent finishing, it can be directly used for shoe cutting. The leather surface can be polished with cloth, and there are deep bright marks on the finger. If the leather surface is polished with scorching wax on the cloth wheel, it can produce the effect of retro burning. The softness of leather material is moderate, the leather surface is compact, plump and elastic, the grain surface is clear, and the surface is transparent. Its effect and quality are incomparable with that of finishing leather. Using environmental protection material processing, no surface coating, reducing pollution links, so non-toxic, harmless, healthy, ecological and environmental protection. It can be used for the production of high-grade leather shoes, leather bags, handbags and other leather products.

Thickness: 1.0-1.2mm, 1.1-1.3mm, 1.2-1.4mm

Opening width: about 14-16sf

Grade: A / B / BC

Color: black, brown, beige, color can be customized

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