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Tips for the maintenance of vegetable tanned leather

1. The color of natural vegetable tanning leather is lighter, and it should be kept away from liquid or paste such as water and oil during use;

2. If dust is accidentally stained, it is recommended to wipe it with an eraser first. Do not use a wet cloth to clean it by yourself. If you wipe with water, it will only turn a small stain into a small one. If you really care, you can consider using imported saddle soap.


Hand made leather goods are used for playing and keeping. The leather will change slowly with the use, including texture, soft and hard, color and gloss, and storage space. They will become very comfortable with the use. It's a completely different feeling from before it's useless. It is a kind of leather goods that can accompany you for several years, more than ten years, or even a lifetime. It can cultivate feelings.

Because the skin is not treated with chemical coating, there will be scratches in the process of use. These are normal phenomena. The discoloration and scratches in the process of use are also the fun of playing with hand-made leather goods. The old scratches will disappear slowly with the use process, and new scratches will appear. Such alternation and repetition can make the texture of leather get incisively and vividly We can slowly feel the change process of leather goods, to experience the traces left by the years.