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Why do pure handmade leather lovers use vegetable tanning leather?

The characteristics of vegetable tanning leather are as follows

(1) High tension, good toughness

Vegetable tanned leather can be made into leather with good toughness. At present, vegetable tanning leather is still the main material for making wear-resistant and tough Harness Leather and industrial use. People have mastered the technology of vegetable tanning leather. The technology of oiling, calendering and vegetable tanning was mastered.

(2) Strong plasticity

Plasticity refers to the fact that once the shape of vegetable tanning leather is changed, it can still maintain its existing shape. According to this property of vegetable tanning leather, people can make leather products with good toughness which are completely consistent with the storage materials, and can also flexibly shape clothes and shoes that match the physical conditions of users, so that users can feel the comfort brought by leather. But on the other hand, vegetable tanning leather is also called plastic leather because it is easy to leave defects and indentation.

(3) Strong water absorption

Compared with chrome tanned leather, vegetable tanned leather has good water absorption and is easy to remove stains, which makes it not only easy to deteriorate due to the influence of moisture, but also has the advantages of easy dyeing.

(4) Can change color over time

Vegetable tanning leather has strong plasticity and will change color with time. After a period of time, vegetable tanning leather can become tea brown, which makes vegetable tanning leather add a unique charm and is widely loved by the public.

(5) Vegetable tanning leather takes a long time

According to the specific situation, the process of tanning raw leather into vegetable tanning leather takes several months, so the finished product of vegetable tanning leather is extremely time-consuming and costly. Because of this, the output is small and the price is high.

Due to the influence of photosynthetic pressure, vegetable tanning leather will also change color with time; vegetable tanning leather has plasticity, can maintain its existing shape, and can carve on leather.