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What is vegetable tanning leather and what are its advantages?

Vegetable tanning leather is a subdivision of the head leather, also known as carved leather, tree cream (cake) skin, tannin skin, belt leather. The color is the natural color. Vegetable tanning leather has the advantages of small elasticity, water absorption and softening, plasticity and easy shaping. The color ranges from light meat pink to light brown, which is the most suitable for leather carving crafts.

The first layer of cattle hide embryo is tanned with vegetable tannin, so some people commonly call it tree cream skin, and some are written as tree cake skin. The characteristics of vegetable tanned leather: after tanning and fatliquoring, the leather is soft and compact with compact fiber structure, small elongation, good formability, plump and elastic panel surface, no greasy feeling, glossy grain surface and suede surface, and easy to soften by water absorption.

Tanning agent (tannic acid solution) extracted from plants or tanned with metal chromium, synthetic tanning agents and other chemicals is called "leather". After dyeing, oiling and drying, the leather can maintain its quality and flexibility under moderate maintenance. Among them, vegetable tanning agent (tannic acid) tanned leather is very suitable for carving and leather molding because of its strong water absorption, high plasticity and easy shaping.