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Common knowledge of tree cream bark

The professional term of tree cream leather is vegetable tanning leather (also known as tree lamb skin), which is a kind of genuine leather tanned by vegetable tanning agent.

About 7000 years ago, human beings mastered the technology of vegetable tanning. The leather was tanned with vegetable tanning agent (tannic acid) extracted from plants, which is called "vegetable tanning leather". It does not contain substances harmful to human body. It is a kind of green environmental protection leather which can be directly contacted with skin.





Features and uses

After tanning and fatliquoring, the leather is soft and has compact structure, small extensibility, good formability, plump and elastic panel surface, no greasy feeling, glossy grain surface and suede surface, easy to soften by water absorption, and easy to be shaped. The color ranges from light flesh pink to light brown, which is most suitable for leather carving. So in the initial application field, it is mostly used in the production of leather crafts. Because of its harmlessness to human body, it is gradually applied to leather products that can directly contact with human body. For example: sole leather (inner and outer sole), industrial leather, decoration leather, car cushion leather, luggage leather, belt leather (many netizens often say belt leather, that is belt leather), mat leather, bag leather, Harness Leather and other leather products that can directly contact the human body.

What is vegetable tannin and tannin extract

Vegetable tanning is rich in tannin (tannin > 8%), and has the use value of leather, dried, leaves, fruits, etc. known as vegetable tannins. Among them, vegetable tannin is extracted by water, and the solid block or powder obtained by further treatment is called tannin extract. Therefore, vegetable tanning leather is also called tannin extract and tannin skin. Bark, wood, shell and leaves of plant kingdom are all raw materials of tannin extract.

Vegetable tanning leather, so some people also commonly known as tree cream skin, some are written as tree lamb skin.