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How to maintain wax skin?

Waxed leather can be divided into waxed cowhide (cattle and buffalo) and waxed sheepskin. During leather making, the leather body is strictly selected, and the pores are fine and the surface is free of scars. After dyeing and waxing and polishing, the pores are clear, there is no coating feeling, the handle is smooth, it is not easy to die wrinkles, good air permeability, protect feet and sweat It is easy to absorb moisture, sweat and water are easy to change color after touching. Special attention should be paid to prevent oil, coffee, milk and other liquids dripping on the leather surface to cause discoloration. It can not be worn in rainy days. It is mainly used for the production of top-grade leather shoes, leather bags and leather clothes!

Some waxes with rubbing effect are mainly uneven effects formed by controlling temperature by using special wax in the production process, such as leather with scorching effect. Their skin essence is the same as that of wax skin, so waterproof should be paid attention to in use

Maintenance method:

As waxed skin belongs to uncoated leather, it is not allowed to use water-based care agents and detergents, and non-specific care products are not allowed to be used. For daily cleaning, only use soft dry cloth to wipe the surface frequently to keep the surface clean and avoid. Use a special sponge or dry cloth to evenly coat a thin layer of nourishing cream on the vamp for about half an hour until the nutrient cream is sufficient After penetrating into the cortex, wipe and polish repeatedly with a soft dry cloth